Thursday, September 10, 2009

how does viking sound in your kitchen?

OK, so generally I try to keep these posts to fun specific items or classes that we are offering, but I have am shocked and amazed at the HUGE HUGE HUGE sales going on right now! Sept 10th,11th and 12th we are having a Gigantic sale of our appliances. So if you are needing a new refrigerator, oven, range, ANYTHING come check it out!! Giant discounts and who doesn't want a new stove to make all those holiday goodies on? After all fun food Holidays are right around the corner and wouldn't your cookies taste so much better in this:

And if it doesn't get better than that... we are also discounting our SUMMER DECOR ITEMS. Honestly I have NEVER seen such a discount in all the years I have been there! We usually don't do this so please come take advantage of our sale spirit and get some fun things to convince us all that summer doesn't have to end just yet...

Happy Sale Shopping TO YOU!!

Any questions? Give us a call 801-268-3316