Thursday, May 7, 2009


How often are you going out for SUSHI?

Want to learn the techniques from one of the BEST!! We are so excited to offer classes from Jonas Otsuji and hope that you can join us! {there are only a few spots left in the May 15th class so sign-up quick!!}

{Jonas Otsuji, a fourth-generation Japanese American born in Hawaii, prides himself in the art of making sushi. Jonas got his start as a child learning to cook Japanese cuisine at the age of 6 from his grandmother, Fumie Otsuji. Chef Otsuji apprenticed at the #1 rated sushi bar in Las Vegas, Sushi Roku. Chef Otsuji later went on to become Head Chef of Dragon Fly Las Vegas, where he developed unique sushi creations, such as the Tropical Tuna, a favorite amongst his faithful clientele}

Beginning Class:

We will be making:
Te maki sushi (hand rolls), Ura maki (inside out rolls), Unagi Maki (Broiled Eel rolls),

and Futo maki (fat rolls).
Also Included:
Spicy Tuna, California Rolls {made with real Rock crab and fresh avocado} and
Tempura fried rolls.

May 15th
6 pm

Intermediate Class

We will explore the art of making some of the popular rolls found in many sushi bars today. Includes:
`Dragon roll `Rainbow roll, `Mars roll
`Playboy Roll. Also making your own rolls!
We will also go over some garnishing, saucing, and plating
May 22nd
6 pm

Advanced Class

We will be demonstrating breaking down whole Hamachi (Yellow Tail)

and Kihada (Yellow fin Tuna).

We will venture into making Nigiri sushi, Gunkan sushi (battle ship sushi), and Temari Sushi (hankercheif sushi). We will also cover the art of making, garnishing and presenting sashimi.

May 29th
6 pm

To sign-up email to or 801-268-3316


Si said...

Great class for anyone wanting to learn the basics to advance sushi techniques. Gygi's is a first class facility. Wonderful instruction by Jonas. Well worth the time and money. Owners family really friendly and helpful. Thanks!