Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day Treats

There is something about Valentine's Day and Chocolate. They go perfectly together like peanut butter and jelly. And why not make your own chocolate treats this year. We have put together some of our favorite chocolate valentine treats, just in time for you to stop on in, grab what you need and head home to make your special treats for those you love.

First is one of our new favorites. Everyone is familiar with the Christmas time favorite-peppermint bark. We wondered why this had to be a seasonal treat, and decided to add a new flavor twist to the scene. One of our new products this year is candy crunch. They are a hard candy flavored with amazingly strong flavors that add a crunch to anything that you might be making!

They come in all sorts of flavors-cinnamon, tangerine, tart cherry, key lime, and boysenberry to name a few. $7.99 for a pound bag! We decided to go with tart cherry and make a chocolate cherry bark!

For this recipe we took:

8 oz of Callebaut White Chocolate Snaps

8 oz of Callebaut Milk or Dark Chocolate Snaps

And about 3/4 cup of cherry candy crunch

Melt the white chocolate on half power in the microwave for about 1 minute. Take out and stir and placed back into microwave and continue every 30 seconds until 90% melted. Take out of microwave and stirred until all chocolate is melted. Once chocolate is melted add the candy crunch and stir together, (you can adjust the amount of crunch you add to the white chocolate, we like a lot of crunch. But if you prefer more chocolate with less candy adjust the amount used). Once stirred together, pour out onto a parchment lined cookie sheet and using a spatula spread evenly to desired thickness. Place in fridge and let harden.

While the white chocolate is hardening, melt the milk/dark chocolate in the microwave using the same method as before. Once white chocolate has harden pull out and pour the milk/dark chocolate on top. Spreading with rubber spatula to get it as even as possible. Place back into fridge until hard.

To break the bark, we will just reach below and lift the parchment up, and drop it back onto the cookie sheet, This will break into large pieces, you can repeat until you get the desired size. Or once they have been broken to large pieces you can individual crack the pieces by trying to fold them in half. Once you have the right size place them in a cellophane bag or box and tie with a ribbon! Easy as that!

Our next favorite is the chocolate covered popcorn. This time around we just added the red and pink colored chocolate. You can easily add the oil based flavorings and flavor the chocolate first-some favorites are strawberry, raspberry or cranberry, but there is EVERYTHING!. The biggest thing to remember with this is your choice of popcorn. Here we have two popcorn kernals shown. The first is the normal yellow seed, popped in an air popper. The second is our Gygi "Caramel" Seed, also popped in an air popper. You can see the difference in the shape and texture. Our seed is made to be covered and holds chocolate and caramel really well. The shape is very round and doesn't have a lot of the extras that stick out on the sides. This will make all the difference in your popcorn treat, trust us! Its $7.99 for 4 lbs or $28.99 for 50 lbs.

While your popcorn is popping in the air popper, place about a cup of white chocolate in the microwave. Again we used the white snaps for this, they have a great taste and coat nicely. Melt on half power for about a minute, and stir, continue melting on half power and take out every 30 seconds to stir. Continue until almost all melted and then stir together until everything is melted.

Once you have popped the kernals, pour white chocolate over and stir carefully.

You can adjust how much chocolate you want here. If you like it extra chocolaty you can add more just remember the more chocolate the more the popcorn will stick together. After you have poured and coated the chocolate, spread out on a parchment lined cookie sheet and allow to harden. You can than drizzle red and pink chocolate over the white popcorn, allowing it to harden in between different color drizzles. Allow to harden and then place in a cellophane bag tied with ribbon.

Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies-

This is always a crowd favorite. It seems everyone loves fortune cookies, and why not add a little personal touch to the cookie.

Here we melted the Guittard Red Vanilla Apeels ( 5lbs for $10.99 or 1 lb. for $3.99) the same way we have above. Once fully melted we took the fortune cookie and dipped it half way into the chocolate, and then placed it on a parchment lined cookie sheet. Continue until you have dipped all the cookies you desire. Once the red chocolate had hardened we melted the pink chocolate and drizzled over. Allow to harden and they are ready to package. These are really fun in colored food pails or in a cellophane bag!
Everything featured and used is available at Orson Gygi.
White Chocolate Snaps (5 lbs -$16.99)
Milk Chocolate Snaps (5 lbs- $15.25)
Dark Chocolate Snaps ( 5 lbs- $13.99)
Candy Crunch (1 lb- $7.99)
Gygi Caramel Seed (4 lbs- $7.99 or 50 lbs- $28.99)
Fortune Cookies (125 ct bag- $8.25)
Red Vanilla Apeels ( 5 lbs-$10.99 or 1 lb $3.99)
Pink Candy Coating ( 14 oz $2.99)
Pink Food Pail $1.99 (other sizes and colors available)

Friday, February 26, 2010

We Need Your Help.....

We are in the process of completely changing our website! We are so excited and cannot wait for everyone to see the new site. Before we finish things, we want to make sure your wants are put in to the new site, sooooo WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE? Product reviews, recipes, fun food ideas, new product spotlights, etc etc etc..... let us know.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Great New Year, Great New Classes

We are so excited to start our new year at Orson Gygi. This is our 65th year in business and we are so excited to celebrate the many years and great friends that we have been able to meet and who continue to visit our store after so many years. Look for some fun things to come this year!!!

This January is offering some really great classes. Here is the schedule, make sure to sign up as soon as you can. Classes are filling up quicker than ever this year, and we will keep offering more and more! Check our website frequently and if you have specific class interests please fill free to email, we love suggestions!!

15th- Greek Date Night- 6 pm
16th- Chinese Cuisine-10 am
16th- Sushi- 2 pm
16th Curry-With Mona from Curry in a Hurry 5:00 pm
19th- Knife Skills-6pm
21st- Cake Decorating-Fondant-6 pm
23rd- Bread Making-Quick and Easy- 10 am
23rd- Korean Cuisine-2 pm
26th- Sauces, Soups and Stocks- 6 pm
28th-Cake Decorating-Fondant- 6pm
30th- Freezer Meals-10 am
30th- Valentines Day Treats- 2 pm

We would love to see you in class!

Monday, October 5, 2009

oh my goodness, I love the smell of autumn.

I am not sure if it is the leaves changing, the weather getting cooler,or the delicious treats that come from the fall but it makes me feel sogiddy inside. I am so excited for our fall line-up of classes. We have some great classes this week!!!

Everyone takes home 8 delicious apples, perfect for special treats! Plus learn the must-have secrets from Marsha Eggli!! $49 per person; 6 pm. This class is now full, come join us again November 3rd, those dates are filling quick!!


We start our "Fine Art Of Cooking Series" with KNIFE SKILLS!!

Shawn Bucher is back to share with us his culinary skills. In this series we start at the basics and help you to develop those necessary skills needed to succeed in the kitchen. Each Wednesday for the next 8 weeks, we go over different elements that will help you to be the best chef!!

Along with great skills, any that participate in Shawn's knife skills class get his cookbook "First-Timers Cookbook" FOR FREE!!!


Our 3rd and final part to our Cake Decorating Series- Fondant! Christina Miller teaches you how to make your own fondant, how to properly apply it and how to decorate you cakes to look like the professionals. We had such success with this series that we are offering it again in November, and they are filling up so sign-up soon!


Gourmet Caramel Apples again, Marsha has filled up the third class, and is expected to do it agian through out the end of the year, come join us November 3rd and 7th for some more gourmet fun.


Candace and Heather are back to show us how to make fun treats for all ages. Unique, fun and easy is how we like it, and will keep everyone coming back for more!


Spooky Lollies

Halloween Goo Cake

Orange and Chocolate Popcorn Delight

and more!!

Come join us:

Saturday 1 pm


And this is just this WEEK!!! oh we have much more to come, COME JOIN US!!




Thursday, September 10, 2009

how does viking sound in your kitchen?

OK, so generally I try to keep these posts to fun specific items or classes that we are offering, but I have am shocked and amazed at the HUGE HUGE HUGE sales going on right now! Sept 10th,11th and 12th we are having a Gigantic sale of our appliances. So if you are needing a new refrigerator, oven, range, ANYTHING come check it out!! Giant discounts and who doesn't want a new stove to make all those holiday goodies on? After all fun food Holidays are right around the corner and wouldn't your cookies taste so much better in this:

And if it doesn't get better than that... we are also discounting our SUMMER DECOR ITEMS. Honestly I have NEVER seen such a discount in all the years I have been there! We usually don't do this so please come take advantage of our sale spirit and get some fun things to convince us all that summer doesn't have to end just yet...

Happy Sale Shopping TO YOU!!

Any questions? Give us a call 801-268-3316

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Free Cooking Class!!

Fall is Arriving and Gygis is ready to cook!

We are gearing up to start Autumn off right and need your help with our "Fall Schedule".
Please send an email to mindym(at)gygi.com, and let us know what you want us to teach and we will enter your name into a drawing to win a


Whether you are looking for spooky Halloween goodies, or a delectable Thanksgiving dinner, right now is great time to sharpen those culinary skills and get back in the kitchen!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


How often are you going out for SUSHI?

Want to learn the techniques from one of the BEST!! We are so excited to offer classes from Jonas Otsuji and hope that you can join us! {there are only a few spots left in the May 15th class so sign-up quick!!}

{Jonas Otsuji, a fourth-generation Japanese American born in Hawaii, prides himself in the art of making sushi. Jonas got his start as a child learning to cook Japanese cuisine at the age of 6 from his grandmother, Fumie Otsuji. Chef Otsuji apprenticed at the #1 rated sushi bar in Las Vegas, Sushi Roku. Chef Otsuji later went on to become Head Chef of Dragon Fly Las Vegas, where he developed unique sushi creations, such as the Tropical Tuna, a favorite amongst his faithful clientele}

Beginning Class:

We will be making:
Te maki sushi (hand rolls), Ura maki (inside out rolls), Unagi Maki (Broiled Eel rolls),

and Futo maki (fat rolls).
Also Included:
Spicy Tuna, California Rolls {made with real Rock crab and fresh avocado} and
Tempura fried rolls.

May 15th
6 pm

Intermediate Class

We will explore the art of making some of the popular rolls found in many sushi bars today. Includes:
`Dragon roll `Rainbow roll, `Mars roll
`Playboy Roll. Also making your own rolls!
We will also go over some garnishing, saucing, and plating
May 22nd
6 pm

Advanced Class

We will be demonstrating breaking down whole Hamachi (Yellow Tail)

and Kihada (Yellow fin Tuna).

We will venture into making Nigiri sushi, Gunkan sushi (battle ship sushi), and Temari Sushi (hankercheif sushi). We will also cover the art of making, garnishing and presenting sashimi.

May 29th
6 pm

To sign-up email to mindym@gygi.com or 801-268-3316